Advocacy and Legal


Advocacy is the act of influencing decisions taken by people in authority. IMCR shall ensure that decisions that affect Muslims and other weaker communities comply with standards set by Constitution of India and UN Human Rights Charter.

Protecting the interests of Indian Muslims requires vigilance and sustained advocacy. IMCR regularly engages Civil Society, Activists, Elected Leaders, Government Officials, Policymakers, and the Courts to promote the maintenance of a harmonious society for every Indian.

IMCR plan to create an strong advocacy message for the Audience by describing the problems, with facts, proof and data, who it affects, its impact on Indian Civil Society.

Following in the footsteps of IMCR, Members of the various Opposition Political Parties, Activists and Educationists have demanded explanations from the Central and State governments on the Anti-Minority Policies, persecution, attacks, Police inaction and mob lynching incidents.

Legal Advice

If you are looking for legal advice on Human Rights and Civil Rights issues, please contact our Legal team.

IMCR legal team will assist you to fight for social justice. IMCR believes that nobody should be excluded from legal representation.

Areas where we assist:

  • Complaints about Racism, Castism and Islamophobia to government bodies.
  • Education: discrimination on the basis of Religion, Race or Caste. Example; complaints to schools, Local Authorities, Department of Education, Child Right’s Commission, Minority Commission.
  • Media: identifying defamation or libel, complaints to Press Complaints Commission and Courts.
  • Victims Right of Review (VRR) – where police close or no further action (NFA) a case or weakened the Case.
  • Police conduct – Complaints and Independent enquiry against Police Officers related to inaction on Victim’s complaint, False Cases, Bribery, Assault, Torture, Harassment, intimidation and weakening the cases of the Victims.

Following issues to be dealt on priority by IMCR:

  1. Action against Police for Arbitrary Arrests of Muslims & other minorities, physical assaults during detention and long arbitrary detention without Trial.
  2. Police falsely implicating the Muslims under charges disproportionate to crime and applying different legal yardsticks to Muslim and Hindu accused.
  3. Police unlawfully entring in Muslim Homes, destroying properties, beating the families and subjecting to degrading treatment.
  4. Attacks and Mob Lynching of Muslims by Hindu mobs in the name of Cow.
  5. Hate Speeches by extremist Hindu Leaders, and Right Wing Politicians including call for Genocides.
  6. Call for Boycott of the Muslim Community by Hindu Extremist Leaders and Ghettoization of residential areas.
  7. Vilification and Defamation of Muslims through Newspaper articles, text books, pamphlets, in public gatherings and by Teachers in educational institutions.
  8. Anti-Muslim propaganda through main stream TV, Print media and social media.
  9. Harassment and bias against Muslims and Dalit people at work Place.
  10. Harassment and bias against Muslim & Dalit Childern in Education Institutions.
  11. Attacks and Threats to Educationists, Journalists, Lawyers and Activists.
  12. Involvement of the Police in assisting and encouraging the attackers for attacks onMuslims and on loot and destuction of their propeties.
  13. Investigate Role of Politicians and Ministers for the Persecution and murders of Muslims such as cases of; Ex-MP Atteq Ahmed, his brother and his Son and case of MP Azam khan (Rampur) in UP.
  14. To take action against the Delhi Police Officers for intimidating and falsely implicating the Victims, who end up being prosecuted by police, including displaying communal bias against Muslims by diluting charges against Hindu accused.
  15. Investigate Role of Delhi CM Kejriwal and his Party Leaders for not visiting the localities and not timely assisting the Victims of Feb-2020 attacks, including his statement about CAA NRC Protests.
  16. Demand compensation and Rehabilitation to Victims of Feb-2020 pogromin East Delhi. Further, Delhi Police should not have any Role in the process of compensation process.
  17. Investigate Role of Haryana Government and Politicians for persecution and attacks on Muslims in Mewat regions, including Violence in 31-Aug and early Sep-2023, followed by demolition of Properties and Arrests of Muslims.

  18. Investigate Role of other State Governments such as; Assam, MP, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and role of Extremist elements and Police Officers.
  19. Investigate Role of Akhilesh Yadav in 2013 Muzaffarnagar Pogrom for not taking action against the Attackers and culprit BJP RSS leaders. He failed to timely assist the Victims of attacks.
  20. Investigate Role of Bihar CM and DyCM in March-2023 Violence during Ram Navmi processions. They failed to take timely measures to protect the lives and properties of Muslims.
  21. Arbitrary Killing of Muslim community members by Police, Security Forces and Non-State players.
  22. illegal Buldozer operations and Arbitrary demolition of Muslim’s Properties by BJP governments.
  23. Arbitrary arrests and detention of Muslims under the charges of Cow Smuggling, Beafeating or Love Jihad etc.