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Protection of fundamental legal, civil and other right.
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As decided during the Indian Muslim Intellectuals Meet (IMIM) on 29 May 2022 at Delhi, an All-India organisation, namely, “Indian Muslims for Civil Rights (IMCR)”- a non-political, non- religious organization, to work for securing the civil and constitutional rights of the Muslims, other minorities and oppressed groups in the country, has been formed on 28 June 2022 and registered as a Trust at Delhi. Some of the important aims and objectives of the IMCR are as under.

To work for the protection of fundamental. legal, civil and other rights of the oppressed class of Indian people, particularly Muslims along with other minorities and weaker sections, guaranteed by the Constitution of India. To work for the protection and preservation of democratic and Constitutional values as well as all rules of law in the country for all society members, particularly Muslims along with other minorities and weaker sections while providing full support to oppressed groups in the country irrespective of the religion, region, caste, or creed for securing justice and fair play

"Can't Pass Order Against Superior Court...": Supreme Court Raps High Court
New Delhi:  Coming down heavily on Gujarat High Court, the Supreme Court today said any court...
IMCR Conclave on ‘Our Constitution and Civil Rights’ at Lucknow on 12 November 2022
The above Conclave was organised at Sahkarita Bhawan Auditorium, Vidhan Sabha Marg, Lucknow to reach...
IMCR Programme with the theme “Gandhi’s Idea of India” organised on 2nd October 2022
IMCR organised a half day event on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday with the theme “Gandhi’s Idea of India’...
IMCR Team’s visit to Hyderabad during 19-21 August 2022
Meeting and Press Conference at Hyderabad Similar to the programme at Mumbai, a visit of IMCR team...

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