Attack& Violence against Muslims in Mewat Region

Hindu mobs from RSS VHP Bajrangdal carried out the religious procession on 31-Aug-2023 and attacked the homes, Masjids and other properties of the Muslims. 5 Muslims have been killed including Imam Saad (shot and brutally stabbed) in the Masjid at Sector-57, Gurugram Haryana.

The Hindu assailants set the mosques and houses ablaze. As usuaul, the Haryana Policemen remained remained onlooker and on some occasions supported the attackers.

Many BJP leaders and Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij gave provocative statements against the Muslims for the violence.

Mr Anil Vij made False claim that 3 to 4 thousand Hindus were ‘held hostage’ by Muslim rioters at the Nalhar Mahadev temple. Which was proved false by the Priest of the Temple. The Wire News reporters from the violence-hit areas also investigated.

Post violence; Haryana Police carried out arbitrary arrests of around 275 to 300 Muslims without any evidence against them. Over 700 Houses and Business properties of Muslims were demobilished with Buldozers by the Haryana government.

The demolitions come after the Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar and home Minister Anil Vij indicated that bulldozer action will be taken in Haryana on the lines of CM Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh. IMCR members under the leadership of its Chairman Mr Adeeb (Ex-MP) met the Police Commissioner of Gurugram Ms Kala Ramachanderan on 31-July. They submitted a memo, and requested the Safety of Muslims in the Nuh Area and demanded the arrest of the attackers.

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