IMCR meeting at Islam Gymkhana and Press conference

In order to propagate the mission of the IMCR and hasten the process of formation of State Level Committee at Mumbai, a core team of IMCR comprising of Mr Mohammad Adeeb, Chairmain IMCR. Mr Salman Khurshid, Mr Fuzail Ayyubi, Mr. S. Masood Husain (all founder trustees) and Mr Azam Baig, an important member of IMCR visited Mumbai during 16-17 July 2022 at the invitation of Mr Yusuf Abrahani, Chairman, Islam Gymkhana, Mumbai

A meeting of about100 prominent Muslim leaders in various fields including politics, public life, industry, business, legal and religious circles etc. was held with the IMCR Team on 16th July 2022 (Saturday) at 7.30 pm at Islam Gymkhana, Mumbai.

A press conference of journalist and media persons was organized by IMCR at 12:30 pm on 17th July, 2022 at Islam Gymkhana, Mumbai to spread the message of the newly formed organization.  More than 50 media persons representing the English, Hindi, Urdu and Marathi press and media, both print and electronic participated in the press event.

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